Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 003

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011). Rough pencil outline...

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 002

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011). Rough pencil outline...

Princess Seppuku Daily Strip 001

I'm on the last couple of episodes story boarding The Barefoot Bandits, so unfortunately no time for any (labor intensive) comic book work, however, I have started sorting through a large stack of paper that's been slowly accumulating over the years. It's mostly rough sketches and abandoned story outlines...

An attempt at a Princess Seppuku daily strip (2011)

Dr Sketchy Artwork

Drawings from Dr Sketchy (04/05/16). I forget what the theme was... something to do with comic books.

Jet Engine Game

I've been making 2D games using Scirra's Construct 2. The latest is Jet Engine. Control a jet turbine to catch birds (good) but watch out, if a bird whacks into your engine (bad), it will get damaged and eventually explode (game over) bringing down the plane.
Catch 10 birds in a row to advance to the next level, every new level unlocks a new bird.
Try it out the current test version...

Jet Engine (v1.0.0.3) 

Previous games, (all unfinished):
Princess Seppuku

Electric Chair

Untitled Connie Radar

Over the Moon - Storyboards Part 5

NOTES Page 9 Panels 1-6 Pretty much as filmed

Page 10 Here's where it ends differently... Julius stays with the astronauts and Connie knocks over the lunar lander with her ship. The film probably does have the better ending, Connie isn't quite the horrible person I drew her as.

Over the Moon - Storyboards Part 4

NOTES Page 8 panel 6 I like the little white surrender flag but was never filmed....

Come back tomorrow for the final Part 5...

Over the Moon - Storyboards Part 3

Page 5 & 6 Crash landing

Come back for Part 4 tomorrow...

Over the Moon - Storyboards Part 2

NOTES Page 3 The cowboy hat in panel 6 didn't end up in the film.

Come back for Part 3 tomorrow...

Over the Moon - Storyboards Part 1

NOTES Page 1 Panels 6,7 and 8 were from an unfinished Connie Radar comic. The films story came about by asking what was Connie Shooting at? Tim Kidd, who shares the writing credit, suggested the space shuttle which lead to 'how about the original moon landing?'

Page 2 Panel 2 As in the real moon landing and for the sake of authenticity there were originally to 3 astronauts.

Page 2 Panel 5 Not included in the final edit were stock footage shots of ground control.

Come back for Part 2 tomorrow...

Over The Moon - Short Film

Over the Moon from Media Design School on Vimeo.

I can't repeat enough how impressed I am with the final result. I did envision a slightly different ending which you'll see in the storyboards soon... hope you enjoy.

'Over the Moon' Poster

Now available at The ComicBook Factory shop, the film poster for the live action Connie Radar short "Over the Moon". High quality print on heavy stock card, limited quantity, don't miss out etc. I'll be posting the story boards and the finished short here soon.

Over the Moon Poster
220gsm card - High Quality print
29.7 x 42.0cm

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The Mammoth Book of Cult Comics

From the back cover:
"22 Long lost masterpieces of underground comic strip art. A compelling selection of some of the very best of the genuinely underground, counter-cultural phenomenon that is CULT COMICS! What were mostly photocopied and stapled pamphlets, in short runs of anything from a couple of dozen to a few thousand issues, are collected together here in a single volume."

Features reprints of 3 Jessica of the Schoolyard comics.

The Mammoth Book of Cult Comics
Edited by Ilya - 448 pages - Black and White
ISBN 978-0-762-45468-6

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Fot Comic - Rough storyboard

I found this comic strip while digging through all the mountains of paper laying around my studio. Featuring Alex Dron's FOT and Angus character. Not sure when I drew it, I guessing it's a few years old.

Holocaust Rex and the Plague Lords of Koch

The new Holocaust Rex comic is now available at the ComicBook Factory Big Cartel shop.

Book two introduces Doctors Moresby and Stoffel as they navigate the plague infested city of Koch looking for a suspected witch. As Rex hacks and slashes his way into the city, the plague is now the least of Koch's problems...

Holocaust Rex Book Two:
The Plague Lords of Koch
32 pages - Black and White
ISBN 978-0-473-29168-6

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