Le Monde À Venir

Here's the first panel to a new 2 page Connie Radar comic strip for the anthology Hotwire #3 (Fantagraphics), the deadline is looming, but it's on it's way...ca va!

Joke du Jour II

Deep in the jungle two explorers suddenly found themselves about to be chased and eaten by a large hungry lion. The first explorer quickly pulls out some running shoes and starts to tie up his laces, noticing this the second explorer says to him "are you crazy? There's no way you'll out run that lion!" to which the first explorer replied calmly "I don't have to out run the lion, I just have to out run you."

"V" 48 Second Film Competition

The famous Photo Booth Scene from Buffalo '66 recreated for the V 48 Second Competition. Here's the link to vote for it VOTE

Unfortunately Vincent Gallo requested this parody be removed due to what he felt was a copyright infringement.

A simple request...

Please take the time to vote for Alex Dron's animated short "FOT" at Channel Federator HERE. Click on 10. Kiwi Award and select the appropriate box (that being FOT). Much appreciated!

Connie Radar

Panel 4 from the new science fiction comic "Connie Radar". Ray guns, rocketships, hostile aliens, robots, it's all there, on the way, in the future...